Museums & Galleries

Each museum or gallery is located in a specific context, therefore it is not possible to plan a standardized microclimate for this type of structure, since each environment is different and particular.

Each Context must be studied and analyzed so as to be able to find an adequate and satisfactory environmental comfort solution, thus managing to achieve our objectives of Conservation of Works of Art.

U.V.rays they are one of the causes of discoloration and deformation of works of art, therefore natural light must be dosed in such a way as not to damage anything.

We at INTERTEC apply our Special Sun Filters that allow natural light to enter avoiding damage to exposures. They reject up to 99% of ULTRA VIOLET RAYS we allow light to enter the place and illuminate the environment, while preserving the works of art.

We can help you!

INTERTEC Sun Protection Films guarantee the rebalancing of the climate inside the rooms, drastically reducing (up to 50%) the costs of air conditioning, allowing those who work inside a better performance and allowing even in the winter months greater thermal insulation from the cold.