We strive to improve life for everyone in work, leisure and any other place where everyone lives. Our aim is to be able to provide our customers with technologically effective services and products, which are the result of numerous studies and experiments.

We love to guarantee quality products and services to those who choose us; this is one of our goals.  We analyse everyone’s needs, searching for, and if necessary building, a product that can solve the customer’s problems.

At Intertec, by applying our anti-solar films, we rebalance the room climate, reducing air conditioning costs by up to 50%. Even in winter, in these cases, there is greater thermal insulation from the cold and, in addition to reducing heating costs, the performance of workers is better.  


Every day, everyone spends many hours in workplaces with glass surfaces.

The energy of the sun’s rays that passes through glass can hardly escape. It is an absolutely certain fact that high temperatures cause discomfort and reduce efficiency at work.

In addition, buildings that do not install solar shading films spend large amounts of electricity on air conditioning, causing a lot of health damage and increasing global air pollution.


Our window films adapt to any glass surface. Throughout the warranty period of the product, we offer continuous support and advice, replacing films that are damaged or unsuitable for the surface to which they are applied.

We can help you!

INTERTEC Insulating Window Films ensure the rebalancing of the indoor climate in rooms, drastically reducing (up to 50%) air conditioning costs, allowing those who work indoors to perform better, and also providing greater thermal insulation from the cold during the winter months.