Our privacy films are ideal for protecting environments from curious and unwanted glances, ensuring the privacy of places such as offices, shops, rooms and locals.

Our High Performance Privacy Films are not transparent, but they are translucent. This means that the film, in addition to letting light into the environment, hides the content of the place in question.

The privacy film is used on windows, doors and glass walls.


Window stickers

The Privacy Films are a functional product to maintain the confidentiality of offices, shops, rooms and premises; and not only.

Intertec is also committed to the creation of window decals, thus giving space to creativity, customizing shop windows and windows with messages and promotions.

In addition, privacy films are an important decorative element for your premises. A sure way to increase the visibility of any type of company.

What is your problem?

INTERTEC anti-sun films guarantee the rebalancing of the climate inside the rooms, drastically reducing (up to 50%) the costs of air conditioning, allowing those who work inside a better performance and allowing even in the winter months greater thermal insulation from the cold.