Our solutions for your hotel aim to:

Improve energy savings by creating a healthier and more comfortable environment and reduce room heat.
You can cut the costs attributable to the cooling system by 50%.
By reducing heat you can avoid all the discomforts of excessive air conditioning: your guests may experience headaches, irritability and stress.

Absorb 99% of UV rays, reducing discolouration of paper, fabrics and furniture.
Your hotel furnishings and linen will keep their colours intact.

Securing any glass
Safety films are a life-saving product: glass is as beautiful as it is fragile, so applying a film that can prevent it from breaking will protect your guests from accidents.

We can help you!

INTERTEC Sun Protection Films guarantee the rebalancing of the climate inside the rooms, drastically reducing (up to 50%) the costs of air conditioning, allowing those who work inside a better performance and allowing even in the winter months greater thermal insulation from the cold.