National Archeological Museum of Orvieto

Installed Products: Sun Protection Films.
Problem Solved: Protection of the finds, reduction of internal microclimate, limit internal heat


We have applied our Sun Protection Films to safeguard the archaeological finds inside the museum. In addition, we have also managed to solve the heat problem in the building by reducing the internal microclimate, allowing staff and visitors to be able to stay in a healthy place. 

Our sun protection films have the dual purpose of creating an environment free of greenhouse effect for the archaeological finds and for the occupants.

We thus allow the protection of health for workers and tourists, as well as the best possible conservation of the finds and works.

With the application of our anti-sun films we reduce UV and IR rays, and reduce the internal microclimate, preventing the discoloration of the finds and the creation of corrosive molds for the works.

We have prevented an early deterioration of the archaeological finds, thus allowing anyone to admire their beauty.

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When the sun is raging, let’s defend ourselves with sunscreen films on the windows of the buildings