Hall of the Chariot – Vatican Museums

Client: Vatican Museums
Installed Product: Sun Protection Films, Safety & Security Films, Heat-reflecting Paints.
Problem solved: protections of works of art, UV and IR abatement


In these rooms of the Vatican Museums we have worked by installing anti-sun and safety films to safeguard the works of art in the room.

We have focused on improving thermal insulation with the aim of creating an environment free of greenhouse effect for the occupants and the works, reducing humidity and dew point, thus blocking the formation of corrosive killer molds for works of art of inestimable value.

We have installed two types of special solar control and outdoor safety films, sputtered with precious metals.

Our special Films allow the right natural brightness to enter, reducing UV and IR rays. In addition, the windows have been transformed into shatterproof and anti-splinter so as not to release the fall of sharp splinters in case of breakage.

We have managed to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for the occupants and the artwork.

For the metal panels at the base of the windows, we used a neutral-colored Antisolar Paint. The metal with the sun makes the panel become radiant, generating heat inside the room. With our Paint the heating of the metal surface has been significantly reduced.

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