Private Homes

Our sun protection films reject up to 87% of the solar infrared rays, to keep buildings cool in summer and reduce energy bills. This anti-solar protection system by means of anti-solar films allows to significantly reduce the heat in the rooms, managing to reduce the costs for the cooling system by up to 50%.

The advantages deriving from the installation of the anti-sun films are:

  • reduced energy costs (in 3 years of savings the cost of applying the films is repaid);
  • reduction of glare on video terminals (anti-solar films have the ability to spread the sun’s rays evenly, so the annoying reflection is reduced).

    We can help you!

    INTERTEC Sun Protection Films guarantee the rebalancing of the climate inside the rooms, drastically reducing (up to 50%) the costs of air conditioning, allowing those who work inside a better performance and allowing even in the winter months greater thermal insulation from the cold.